A corporate merger or acquisition is more than just a transaction; it’s a turning point. When properly structured and executed, the deal can lead to a period of accelerated growth. However, when it is ill conceived or over-priced, the results can be disastrous. Interfokus Advisors understands the importance of its position as a financial advisor and believes that it is sometimes more important to stop a deal than it is to complete one.

As such, our merger and acquisition practice does more than negotiate and execute transactions. We first learn the fundamental essence of each client as well as the rationale behind its corporate development strategy. This knowledge, when combined with our team’s precision and tenacity, has proven to have a great impact on the probability of a successful outcome.

The sale of a company can represent the culmination of years of effort by its owners and management. When exiting from a business, management undergoes a period of intense financial scrutiny from outside parties. Good financial advisors know the business as well or better than the owner, in order to reap the fairest valuation, maintain the integrity of the owner’s equity investment and head off potential problems in the sale process. Personal feelings connected with selling a family business, in particular, can also complicate the transaction.

Interfokus Advisors understands the delicacies connected with selling a business or unit, and will protect the seller while seeking the fairest and more agreeable outcome.

With this in mind, Interfokus Advisors guides shareholders and management teams through the sale process, bringing to bear extensive experience and judgment to maximize value and facilitate seamless transitions of ownership. Our Advisory team has developed its expertise through numerous sell-side, buy-side and divestiture transactions on behalf of portfolio companies, private equity funds and closely held businesses across a wide range of industries. We provide mergers and acquisitions services for:

  • Corporate divestitures
  • Joint venture structuring
  • Leveraged and management buyouts
  • Recapitalizations

Interfokus Advisors’ practice includes some of the most experienced professionals in the region. Drawing on that experience, we are active across the full range of advisory roles:

  • Advising on merger transactions including valuations and managing the merger process.
  • Advise on cross border and domestic acquisitions and divestments
  • Assisting companies in acquisitions – preliminary research and identifying prospective targets and buyers. Structuring the transaction, handling due diligence, valuations, assisting the company in the negotiation process and executing the transaction, duly complying with the regulatory formalities.
  • Assisting the Company in financing the deal.
  • Assisting the Company in finalizing the deal.
  • Assisting companies in sell-off of assets and businesses, negotiations with potential bidders and evaluation of bids.

Interfokus Advisors provides both sell-side and buy-side advisory services as part of its M&A advisory offering.