Interfokus Advisors aims to excel in guiding its clients through corporate restructuring efforts, strategic acquisitions and divestments, and other types of corporate restructuring transitions.

As advisers, we help business owners, managers and boards of directors that are looking to sell their entire business – or divisions, or to bring in financial or strategic investors. Additionally, we selectively advise prospective buyers. We offer advice on capital structure and on the opportunities to sell debt or equity in private transactions. We perform business valuations and issue opinions confirming the fairness of a particular transaction from a financial point of view.

As advisors, we offer straightforward, realistic in-depth assessments, evaluate competitive positioning, uncover pitfalls and opportunities, identify synergies within and outside organizations, and evaluate build-versus-buy options. We help our clients to identify, understand, prioritize, and act on business strategic and financial issues most vital to their long-term success.

As advisors, we bring professional experience as a unique blend of operational and financial experience, combined with the firm’s consulting and transactional service that is invaluable to clients. Our clients get senior attention on every assignment. We are willing to take on transactions of unusual difficulty or modest size, and are committed to the delivery of the highest quality service. We strive to provide our clients with considered, results-oriented advice. Our approach is to apply authoritative knowledge to provide exceptional value, in the most efficient manner.