Interfokus Advisors professionals are highly trained and have a wealth of experience in structuring debt and equity placement transactions that suit our clients’ unique needs. We have solid relationships with a broad array of local, regional and global lenders, including:

  • Money-Center and Regional Commercial Banks
  • Global Investment Banks
  • Finance companies
  • Mezzanine funds
  • Private equity funds

Our capital sources provide solutions across the spectrum, from fully amortizing long-term debt transactions to highly leveraged mezzanine, bridge, or preferred equity deals.

To ensure we develop the best possible capital structuring plan, Interfokus Advisors’ process begins with an in-depth study of the client’s strategic objectives. After meeting with our clients, we:

  • Analyze the asset’s past operating performance and/or projected future performance
  • Apply our competitive market knowledge
  • Recommend a capital structure that best fits the client’s objectives
  • Create a customized “lender-friendly” underwriting package
  • Identify potential lenders with investment goals that match the client’s desired capital structure
  • Promote the transaction to prospective lenders and secure competitive bids
  • Help negotiate and close the transaction

We provide our clietns with a recommendation that takes into account: the client’s business plan; our assessment of the relative attributes of the proposed deal structures; our experience with each of the capital providers; an assessment of the process; and the probability of the deal closing under the proposed terms.

Once the lender is selected, Interfokus Advisors support the client in negotiating the application, managing the due diligence, and handling the closing.